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"Be confident of this: He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion." -Philippians 1:6 

Last night's show was beyond amazing. It was even more than I could've ever hoped for... My student exceeded my high expectations and for that alone, I am proud.

The house was packed from wall to wall. 

I can't even say, "My babies killed it.." I have to say, "My young people.." They were not babies last night. Each of them stood up to recite (not one of them read off of the paper) from their hearts. They had so much swag, confidence, and stage presence that at the end of the night, they were asked to perform at Busboys and Poets! 

They left the crowd in tears and begging to hear more of their poems and monologues about modern day "Strange Fruit hanging from jail cells.."... "Brown colored boys see more bars than books --I'm an example of that- but I'm never going back.." ..."We are the next Malcolm X".. "Our role models are not celebrities" ... Poems dedicated to "Fallen Stars" .. Which one of my young people called, "Black Moses" aka Fred Hampton, who "fought for all of us in here to get an education.." .. I really could go on.. I wish I had the space and the time to recount and paraphrase all of their words.. We are definitely going to publish a book of their poems and monologues from last night.. But I promise you, this won't be their last show --- and I'm not even just talking about the stage, their work has JUST BEGUN!!!! Like Remaz said, 

PS: These shirts are on sale to the public for only $8 ...Get yours today!

Special thanks to all who helped make the show possible! 
lead, learn, love, 
Ms. Clay ❤️


  1. Pride!!! I the white kid in the 4th picture like "jeez that guy that guy is good!!!" Although you didnt include any of my quotes, i forgive because Black Ink was awesome!!! :D


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