Ch'ile Please, You Don't Know Nothin'

This morning, my tea read, All knowledge is within you. 

At first, I was like, Damn right it is !!! 

But then I thought ..wait no.. I haven't learned everything I want to know yet. I haven't read every book... explored the customs of every culture in the world.. I haven't seen anything yet!!

All knowledge is not within me!! I still have so much more to learn! 

I really could hear my grand ma saying, 
Ch'ile please! You don't know nothin'! You don't even know your hind parts from yo' head!

It's like 1 Corinthians 8:2 says, 
Those that think they know it all, know nothing ... 

And Socrates ...
The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows it all. 

Leave it to me to totally break a Yogi-tea message apart ..but hey.. It's true. We must be humble.. Even with all of my degrees and expertise -- I still have so much more to learn. And I welcome new lessons with open arms! 

The more I am exposed to different ideologies, the more I actually learn about my self as a woman. With every mistake I make, I grow again, I welcome it ..because it's only going further shape and mold the woman that I was created to be!

So as you journey today, I urge you to keep an open mind and remember, there's a lesson in everything... all you have to do is take a moment to reflect and evaluate the process.