Culturally Sound Children's Books

I got so excited when I saw this book because my first trip to Africa was to Egypt too! 

Last night, my school hosted a Power of the Parents meeting about How to Teach Black History to Your Children. We invited the Culture Queen, who started her own business for teaching culture to our youth, to come and facilitate a hands on workshop. She has also recently taught at Yale University and has a show on TV One. 

I am certainly not a parent yet, but I learned so much from her presentation. 

One of the main ideas that she stressed was learning about our history as a family. She showed us many methods of celebrating ourselves and our history as a family unit. 

My biggest take away was all of the books that she showed us! 

Although I teach middle school, the content of these lower-leveled books in highly appropriate and very necessary for my own classroom! 

We have to teach our children about theirselves, about their family history, and about how they can make history. We must teach them to fight for a cause greater than their selves, as soon as they start reading! 

However, when buying books about Black history for children, be sure to make sure they are culturally sound and accurate. 

We must teach our children about our roots! Stress the fact that we once ruled the world as kings and queens! 

Pick them up for your babies today!

Love is love,
Ms. Clay