Fingers Touched

She dropped her books and he picked them up ..
fingers touched.. 
with the magnitude of the Earth's last battle.. 
A daydream.
She barely held on ..
Found herself ..lost in his dark 
innocent eyes 
and forgot that she didn't even know his name 
but still
She could not force her hand 
to cease fire.. 
Read way too much Alice in Wonderland 
that day.. 
so her mind was racing faster than the Hatter's 
as she imagined him ..
her thoughts were so loud they screamed
"him is made to be with me my me my mine!"
her ..very mind 
was in the State of Disarray  ..
And she was well traveled 
but had never been there.. 
but it was making prefect sense ..
there he was, her perfect fit ..
slowly he slide his in between these.. these hands ..
which wiped so many salty tears.. rivers of shame, pain, loveless sex, the holiest regrets ..
but the eyes never exhausted their exotic beauty.. 
and never lost faith even though the vision was blurred 
with the sight of wilted gardens thirsting for summer's rain.. 
yet, the (sole of the) feet continued to walk towards the mark 
of the Most High
because the Soul knew that a queen was once a princess was once a peasant ..
was once .... 
considered less than 
but never.. never not a woman 
of promise.. 
Believing in the premise 
that God planted 
in her mother's womb
And as his tips 
touched the lips 
conveying a love
heaven sent.. 
her tongue told him to leave ..
In the most respectable way he said 
he won't go ..
he knows 
she seems 
hard to handle 
but everything ain't what it seems... 
He knows 
How to read a distorted map
he has a degree 
in archaeology 
Discovers the seams
of her walls 
and pulls at each loose thread
until, to the floor, they fall.. 
weak now 
not nearly strong enough 
to contain 
her heavy-weighted fears..
so they burst out from the depths 
of her winter-calloused canvas.. 
and flee 
into the darkest sea.. 
never again to be seen ..
..dried volcanos no fire no ice 
no elements could survive 
in the barren battleground
that was once the residence 
of her heart... ..
his touch ..
A Godsend.. 
God sent --clouds 
laced with His grace 
and the gift of longevity 
in every raindrop.. 
and everything bloomed..
love so tall that it couldn't hide..
exotic eyes
as fingers touch ..
She grabbed her books 
"thank you.." 
dark innocent eyes smile too
but nothing more is said 
and he continues walking away..
She is living
A daydream. 


  1. "because the Soul knew that a queen was once a princess was once a peasant .." wow...That was some line! #LovinIt


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