Serenity Spots

When I need to find peace of mind, the first place I go to is usually the thrift store. I just browse through the book section, then I ease my way over to the nic-nac section ...and of course I look through the clothing.  

Everyone needs a go-to serenity spot ...I have other places I to go to for peace, in addition to my favorite thrift shops. 

Here's my list:

Local bookstore or library 
A floral shop or botanical garden
Farmer's market (when it's open)
The Loch Raven Dam
The Record and Vinyl shop
Lake Montebello
Carol Park
Art or History Museums
The coffee shop 
The playground around the corner

If you don't have a list of go-to serenity spots, I suggest you make one today. 

...and remember, your own apartment counts too. 



  1. Love don't sweat the small stuff! I'll be making my serenity list today. Thanks for sharing :)


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