Something Green

For a day, just for one day,
Talk about that which disturbs no one
And bring some peace into your
Beautiful eyes.
حافظ - Hafiz 


My friend, G, taught me about Hafiz the other day and I have been reading his poetry ever since. 

He was said to have been born in 1325 in Iran. His birth name was Shamseddin Mohammad but his pen-name was Hafiz. This was a name given to anyone who memorized the Koran. 

The fact that his words are ancient but still hold true today shows how wise he was. 

Hafiz only composed when he was divinely inspired. His main focus was to write for the Beloved. 

Take a moment to meditate on something green and connect the words of Hafiz to it, allowing peace to enter your beautiful eyes. 

love and light,