The Ingredients of a Husband

Writing a hand written letter is one of the most intimate ways to say I love you. Especially in this day and age, where everything is all about technology. Remember writing letters when you were a little girl? Or what about when your crush or boyfriend used to write to you? That feeling was the best. 

Writing heartfelt letters is also an exercise that creates peace and tranquility. "Picking up a pen slows you down long enough to remember the beautiful people in your life. The act if sitting down to write helps to fill your life with gratitude.... Not only does writing and sending the letter focus your attention on what's right in your life, the person receiving it will, in all likelihood, be extremely touched and grateful." -R. Carlson

I wanted to share one of my favorite love letters from history with you today. I hope you enjoy it ..and use it to reflect on your own love life. 

This was written between 1627-95 by Dorothy Osborne of England to Sir William Temple. The date of the letter is unknown but there have been hundreds of letters published in various books that were written by Dorothy Osborne. 

"...and to all this must be added, that he must love me and I him as much as we are capable of loving." 

I love it.