14 15 16

These last 3 days of the challenge were well celebrated. 

Friday's theme for day 14 was, I'm Not Where I Used to Be ... I felt good inside and out on Friday as I embraced all of me .. Good and bad .. I smiled all day and just kept reminding myself, I am not where I used to be. I seriously fell in love those 8 words! 

I actually went out too! I never go out on Fridays. My homegirl, Tieka and I went to support my friends' poetry event in downtown Baltimore. 

It was a great event. All of the poetry was unique and thought provoking. What stuck out to me the most though, was how one of the poets forgot his words... The entire crown started snapping and encouraging him. It was just like how my students support each other in my classroom. The crowd was so warm as they cheered, "Take your time! You got this!" Unfortunately, the poet actually stepped off the stage instead of persevering... just goes to show: even the pros get nervous. I'm going to share this story with my students tomorrow. It just made me so much more proud of each of them for performing on Thursday night. Even those who forgot their words, took a deep breath, started over, and finished strong. 

On Saturday morning, I went to NYC to hang with my folk! As soon as I got off of the bus, I discovered a new hat store on 32nd and 5th ave!

Then, I went on a second date with my friend ... We went to a thrift store in BK called Junk! It was the perfect way to spend Day 15 of the challenge, which was a Place of Peace

See, don't I look like I'm in my ultimate comfort zone?

Recordddsss galore! Eeeeek!

Ran into our boy Spotless!

He got me another Martinelli's ... Sparkling this time! Fancy right?!

Sun shining on sunrise.  

Later that night, it was time for the festivities with the girls! We had to celebrate Shelly and Marika's birthdays!
We started with dinner at Ricardo's Steakhouse in Harlem. 

Then, we went to Beauty and Essex in LES. 

Yep.. A great weekend it was ..now, I'm on my way back to wire! Ready for a great week! Going to take a nice hot bath in honor of day 16: Water.