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It's Time to Grow Up

April showered me with lots of hard learned life long lessons.. Like 
1) My students, especially my Blossom Girls, are my students, not my equals. 
2) "I am much stronger with a team behind me.." -GP
3) I am never going to reach my full potential if I don't start being more organized and professional. 
Sooo yea man.. I think I'm officially ready to grow up and be a flower in May ..  and for the rest of my days for that matter.
Love love..  V

Do As I Say, NOT As I Do!

“I listen to my uncle and pray I don't get killed on these Baltimore streets.” -Ty Yesterday my students and I were reading chapter 4 of The Other Wes Moore. We came across the passage where Tony, the Wes Moore that is currently in jail's brother, grew disappointed in Wes because he began selling drugs. Although Tony himself was a drug dealer, he tried to tell Wes not to be just like him, simply because he had the potential to be better and do better. Wes did not listen. Instead, he denied the fact that he was selling drugs, causing Tony to walk away from him and never try to warn him about staying out of Baltimore's treacherous drug game again. 
So I asked my students: Can you relate to this? Do you know anyone who is "not doing the right thing" but tells you to do the total opposite? How does it make you feel? Do you respect their advice? 
They all anxiously raised their hands. I urged them to hold their thoughts and write them instead of just sharing them out loud…

Ms. Wise

7:29 on the dot. Yes! I'm going to get to work 15 minutes early. Breakfast in hand, phone charger, and a new box of spoons for Poole who has given me a spoon for my Chobani for the last month or so. I run down the stairs and wham! Trip and fall, dropping all my snacks. The box of spoons flies up and bursts open as it hits the ground. I try to grab my smoothie cup before it could crack into pieces but its too late.. Then ...wait ..oh nooooo.. damn it! MY KEYS! I search my purse, knowing they aren't there.. run back upstairs, leaving the messy watermelon smoothie, covered in spoons, right where it laid. I wiggle the doorknob, knowing it's locked.. And finally, let out an atrocious scream.. UGHHHHHH!!!! Slide down my door, let my bottom hit the floor, and tears hit my cheeks, racing down to my lips. Frustration. Pure, unfiltered, frustration. 
Everything is going wrong.
But I must think fast. Can't be late to work. 
"Vell, can you bring me my spare?" 

Very Determined Women - April's Top 5

Today's hashtag on the Valencia's Garden Hashtag Challenge is #Determination. I thought it was more than appropriate and very important that I celebrate 5 women whose determination has truly inspired me this month! Some of these women don't even know me.. and that's what makes them all so amazing! Touching lives of people whom they don't even know, just by being who they are! I love it. 
5. Carissa Harrison  Occupation: Teacher and Blogger  A fresh face in the Bloggerverse. Carissa bridges humor and candid honesty together to inspire women across the world. See for yourself by checking out her blog: TheTwentiesGal
4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Occupation: Author 
One of my newest inspirations is the author of the best selling book Americanah. Through her novels, she educates the world on aspects of African culture that we have never seen before. Her writing is flawless. Seriously. 
3. Dijiah W. Occupation: Middle School Student  I don't want to include the last name of my…

All Black Boys Go to Heaven

"If you didn't hear by now.. Najee was shot and killed early this morning....." ...
"Man.. Fuck Ms. Odeyale! I don't care no more.." Tears ran down his full, brown cheeks as he tried to play tough. 
"First of all, watch your mouth. I may not work here anymore but you know I don't play that! Now come on Naj.. It's just me and you.. You can fix this.. You just need to humble yourself and do the POL again." I tried to convince him that it wasn't over. He could do it again. The entire panel of teachers was on the other side of the door deliberating, while I tried to calm him down. 
"It's too late. She failed me. Fuck her. I don't even care no more!" He threw his papers down to the floor in the most melodramatic manner and continued to sulk, just like he always would when he got into trouble. 

Najee was the smallest in his grade but had the biggest mouth. He would say anything to anyone but as soon as an adult would call his mo…

Slow Down

She was on her way to the store when she walked by him. Down the stairs she skipped and smiled, as her hair blew in the wind..
He was so caught by her scent that he tripped over it, tumbling down the stairs. 
"Are you okay?" She asked, in the sweetest voice. 
"Yea.." He smiled. 
Wow.. she thought to herself.. He's tripping over me already. 
He was sweaty.. Wearing red basketball shorts and Jordan 6s. She could tell that he had just come from the court around the block. 
"I like your shorts." He complimented her.. 
"Thanks. I sell clothes. What do you do?"
"I'm a student at the university.. Do you sell men's clothing?" 
"I have a few pieces. Would you like to see them?" 
"Sure.. Only if you give me your number.." He was bold. But she thought he was cute.. So she went along with it. 
"You're funny boy. Let me see your phone." She saved her info in his iPhone and told him to call her before skipping away…

Walking with Buddha

(Reposted and updated with pictures from 4.13.14)

We landed in Phuket around 10:30 this morning. Our driver picked us up and took us strait to our private villa.  "This is all for us? No one else?" "Ohhhh my gosshhhh.."  "Yooooooo sonnnnnn..."  "This is beautiful!!!"  We all were in awe and couldn't believe our eyes. The place was amazing. I was sold from our front door's entrance. There was a rose bush and a birds of paradise garden. As soon as we walked in, the first thing we saw was the bronze chandelier. It was such a work of art, with closed flowers and some in full bloom. I wish I could take it back home. It's symbolic to the process of life itself.  The villa had 2 bed rooms and 2 bathrooms.. A kitchen and a living room with a plush white couch and big screen tv..  I was excited about the jacuzzi bath but that excitement was totally trumped by our pool! Our villa has it's on private pool. I'm laying in it right now as I type…