My hands 
Paint my walls 
Shave my head 
Write a poem 
Twist my pearls
Again and again
Cause I live in a world 
Where perfect doesn't exist 
Where love hurts 
And where little girls 
are each other's first kiss 
Nothing is forbidden
This generation 
lost as the gold of Tut's tomb
So what am I supposed to do? 
Save them?
What I look like?
Super woman? 
I am. 
Babyfaced out 
but I'm no kid
Old enough 
I'm forever found
Park swangin'
Tea-partyin' with Alice
Chasing ice cream trucks
By the lake feeding ducks
I ain't sexy 
But I got super powers 
Been told Im super fly 
Check my wardrobe 
I'll tell Eddie Bower
you said hi
Got the magic of the Alchemist
My almondy eyes 
can flip a switch and just ...
Toast you
No bread
Mentally keeping you fed
They tried to say aliens 
built the pyramids
of giving the glory 
to whom 
It belongs
And I tell these girls
stop trying so hard to belong 
Honor your body
It's the only thing seperating you 
from anyone else
Choose them 
don't let them choose you
Cause he can stick anything 
That moves
Pretty girls get cheated on 
Look at Halle Berry
Looks don't matter 
Even if ya ass is fatter 
Build upon the real
And doubt your intuition never.
Work hard. 
Fund your own habits 
Cause even if you ain't putting out 
What he buying 
ain't worth the price
'less you don't mind 
paying Karma back 
for the rest-a-ya life. 
Play one 
Round two 
Fast forward
Before you know it
Soul for soul exchange 
with more bodies than the Bronx zoo
Snakes suffocating you
Til you're dead
faster than a frisbee
Lost legacy 
A has-been
Washed up 
Like yesterday's news 
Billie Holiday sang her blues
So you wouldn't have to.
Point your ears to the sky
Listen to the stars 
Whispering consolations
Wise tales 
Moral to every story
Be you.
Bold Brilliant Beautiful
Like a full moon on a first date 
Like French kisses on the third 
Like Sunday mornings in East Africa
Like a father holding his first born. 
Go on 
I pray that you fall
So you can pick up the lessons
Not the broken pieces
You won't be mending them
Useless old rotten things 
And besides 
You already have your hands full
Cleansing your temple
Writing a poem 
Twisting your pearls
In the middle of a world 
Where perfect doesn't exist 
Where love hurts 
And where little girls 
are each other's first kiss.