A Dream Come True

April 16 Weds 

It's been about three days and my blog still won't let me upload my posts. I guess it's God's way of telling me to enjoy these moments for me and worry about everything else later. 

I teach middle schoolers, I'm in grad school getting a second masters, and I run two non-profit organizations... I'm on my Spring  break... Working during every down moment that we get.. I need to just live in the moment and worry about this old blog thing, class work, lesson plans, and essays later. The notion of relaxing is so foreign to me.. I have to take this in while I'm here.. Because I will never get this back! So that's what I am going to do... 

Right now, as we speak, I'm sitting on top of a speed boat, on my way to Phi Phi island, writing in my journal. It's hard to write but I'm making it work. The waves are much bumpier today compared to yesterday.. But the vibe is the same. The gold of the sun is pouring into my soul and I am receiving it. 
I can smell the fresh blue salt water.. I can taste the crisp air of the clear wind.. And I can hear the black birds, with white striped wings singing songs of joy.. 
It's not just the water, it's the caves and mountains that sit in the middle of the water that create such a picturesque view. 
"You think these mountains may have been just one at one point in time V?" Meekz asked me.. 

"Yes, of course. Ice ages ...and erosion change everything over time though.."

We are both such curious girls when it comes to the natural world. 

"This is 1% of Heaven..." Our boat driver said ... He was right. Heaven on Earth. Everything looked handmade by God himself. 
It felt like Heaven too. Just me and my best friends. Sipping Thai Cokes, laughing, and singing. 

They fed us an endless amount of the sweetest pineapples and watermelons. What more could I want? What more could I need? 
"Okay ladies! You can jump out here!" Our driver said. 

It was time.. The moment I had been waiting for. For years, the girls and I would travel to different islands and I would always have to jump out with a life jacket on.. But last summer I learned how to swim, just for moments like this. 

"Nikki, jump with me!" 

I asked Nikki because she's the most daring of the crew. I knew I would be good if she was with me. 

We stepped on the tip of the boat. I prayed in my head, "God, don't let me die or embarrass myself. Please and thank you. Amen." 

"1,2,3!!!" Boom! I was in there. I went under water and popped right back up! I was swimming! I was actually swimming! I was so proud of myself. No life jacket! No nothing! Just me! 
I'll never forget that feeling. Ever. Took me almost 20 years to overcome my fear of water and here I was, with minimal swimming experiences, jumping into the Indian Ocean like an old pro. 
Just goes to show, it's never too late to learn how to do something...

Love love,