A Tiger's Eyes

"I've had some good days..
I've had some hills to climb.. 
I've had some weary days.. 
Andddd some sleepless nights. 
But when I look around... 
And I think things over, all of my good days, outweigh my bad days... 
I won't complain.." 

The water was splashing every where in that tiny canoe, we were sweating so hard, and we were tired ... But when we looked at the sky, something came over us all and made us begin to praise The Lord, right there in the middle of James Bond island. 

We each took turns singing solos .. Shelly and I even began to cry. 

We were acknowledging the fact that we are blessed. 

God has not only brought us to Asia, where each of us rolled around with unchained tigers, got bit by wild monkeys, and swam with exotic fish but he brought us so far in life itself. We're all blessed beyond measure.. It's crazy. 

There's nothing more I can say really. It's the type of emotional feeling that words cannot describe. I'm in Asia ...I rolled around the ground with tigers today. Are you serious?! I wasn't even afraid.. I was excited. 

I think the tiger could tell I was good people. He looked me right in my eyes when I walked over to him and gestured for me to come closer. He put his head down, and I laid on him. I could hear his heart beat.. So different than my own.. But I knew he was like me, fearless and strong.. Inside, I felt bad that he had to be caged.. But something told me that he didn't mind..  You can cage a body but not a spirit ...and I could feel it that his spirit was content ...don't ask me how... I just know. 

The look in his greenish blue eyes will always stay with me. The way he looked me up and down before I got close to him ... It kinda taught me a lesson. I learned to do the same with other people before they get to close to me. Look them in the eyes and then up and down ... Not at the outer appearance but inside of their hearts. Unlike the tiger, that takes time... So I have to take my time and get to know someone before letting them get close to me... But like the tiger, when I know, I will know. I hope that makes sense to you... Sorry if it doesn't though. 

It's so hard to write tonight.. My mind is still in bliss. 


PS: Here's some video footage of the Tiger and I