Hashtag - Before and After

My mom took this picture of my gran and I before I left for Thai today. All I can think about is the fact that before I became who I am.. and after I accomplish all that was meant for me.. I was, am, and will always be protected, cared for, and loved ---in her arms. 

As long as she loves me.. I can do anything .. I live to make her proud. To show her that she did the right thing by taking me in when the rest of world left me unnamed. Too many people sacrificed for me to be here.. But no one gave me more than her. A chance. A home. An ass whooping..or 3.. or more .. Seriously... She is the reason that I have flourished.. and no matter what, even if I lose my way, I know I can always go back home. 

Remembering every lesson. And cherishing every bit of your one gold toothed-smile. No 70 year old has more swag. 

Love you mommy..
Always your sweet pea, 
Val ❤️