Hashtag - I'm in Awe

Nothing gives me "awe" more than a day full of great weather, amazing ice cream, and good thrifting!!! 

I went down to the Hampden area of Baltimore. It's been one of my favorite places to find cutesy yet classic pieces for years!! My first stop was to the Ice Cream Charmery! I got a scoop of apple pie on a cone! De-light-fullll !!!

Then, I went over to one of my favorite shops, Hunting Ground, which used to be a church. God was with me in there! Whew! I racked up! 

Then I went over the Avenue! Spotted my favorite jewelry lady. I've gotten some of my cutest rings and broaches from her!

Found a new hat shop on the Avenue too!

And I met a woman who was adorned in bracelets that she's been collecting since she was 19! She's collected from Africa, Europe, and Asia! She said she sleeps and bathes in them! Wow! I was in awe! I also have my share of jewels from Africa and Europe ...soon to be Asia too!

Peace and kisses from my favorite guy Stuffino and I!