Mothers of Oak

"I am now welcoming a piece of nature into my life, even though it may stand outside all day, swaying with the wind and keeping the birds company. Many may wonder why this piece of nature has such a sentimental place in my heart. This piece represents my growth, blossoming into natural love, wisdom, intellect, and beauty. This piece of artwork is a tree. No, it's not a bizarre idea to have a tree of my own in my life. It will give me guidance, just by standing tall and growing. Everything I see this tree do, I will add into my life. I am naming her, Serenity." - Aliyah's first "Tree-Baby" reflection. 
Anyone who knows me knows that my love for flowers and nature is newfound. I didn't truly begin to appreciate the natural world until I was about 25-26.. Honestly, I would've preferred a pair of Jordan's over a bouquet of flowers any day. I thought flowers were such a waste of money.. Maybe being a city girl caused a lack of exposure to the beauty of the natural world ..or maybe I was too caught up in myself to take the time to appreciate the simple things around me.. or maybe it was my desire to fit in with my peers.. fearing the depression that would come from being exiled if I did my own thing, instead of following the crowd.. who knows..all I know now is, I love nature. I love learning new cool things and I love teaching others what I learn. 

Today, I took my girls outside to adopt their own tree. They have to name their tree and keep a daily journal about their "tree-baby". We're calling this project, "The Mothers of Oak". Today, April 1st, each tree is bare. Everyday, we will watch and write about the growth process.. and our personal growth process as well. You never really notice things, unless they are yours. Now that we each have our own tree, we'll notice every leaf that grows... and appreciate the beauty. 

I want my girls to discover the joy of nature now, while they are young. I want them to get excited about flowers, lightening bugs, birds, and clouds. Not because I love these things but because that's what these things were created for: So that we could look to them for peace and wisdom.. and be reminded that if those things can grow without anyone directly taking care of them, so can we.. as long as we just believe. 

Ms. Clay