Seize the Day - Even When You Feel Like Crap

Even in my blue suede shoes, today, I feel depressed. Not too sure why. Maybe it's because I'm not excited about the April challenge. Maybe it's because no one else seems to be excited about it. 

Makes me want to quit before I even started. 

But I can't quit. I'm doing this for a cause greater than myself. 

But to tell the truth, I'm tired... and a bit annoyed.. Why do I get 200 likes on a selfie but 30 on words of substance? Is it that people don't like what I am doing? Does this mean I should stop? As much I want to quit because of my feelings of pure blogger-irrelevance, I WON'T. Yes, it hurts to feel wack and like no one cares about what I am doing. But in reality, I'm not doing this for those that don't care, I'm doing it for those that do! 

I will not allow negativity to disrupt my consistency. I will not go into turtle mode and just shut the world out. This is not a dark place, this is a place where blessings dwell. 

I am going to pump up my creative juices. I am going to read more to inspire myself to write more. I am going to keep
writing because I am not alone. I am going to show the world where hard work and a believing in God's promise will take you. 

I can't turn my back on my own dream. I want to do so much with my gifts and I know that being consistent in something as simple as blogging is only step one. I am merely setting my foundation. A foundation that even my great, great grandchildren will benefit from. I am also showing someone that when you want something bad enough, you better persevere, even when it feels like no one is listening. Because trust and believe, there is someone out there that cares. 

For today's challenge, I decided, I needed to come up with a list that will help me "seize the day", even when my days feel like crap. 

I've never posted my negative feelings before... I really try to keep good spirits because I want to influence others to do the same. But I had to be honest with myself today, in this very moment. 

Hopefully, by the end of the month, I'll look back on this post and smile at my growth. I hope I am able to shout victory over my own depression ..actually, I'm not going to hope.. I'm going to claim it, I will gain my joy back. I'm going to Bible study tonight too. I need a Word. 

As promised, 
Here's my Seize the Day list: 

1. Go outside and run as fast as you can. Try to out run yourself. Then, take a break and write about how you feel. If you still don't feel better, do it again. If that doesn't work, try numbers 2-5 on this list. 

2. Eat something that you love. I mean anything. Then, think about the first time you ever had it... How happy were you? Find a way to make yourself feel that level of happiness, every day. 

3. Treat yourself like it's your birthday, even when it's not your birthday. Never wait for a special occasion to do something special. Everyday living is another day to celebrate the person that you are. 

4. Run around your house butt-naked. May sound crazy but sometimes that's exactly what it takes to free yourself, from yourself. 

5. Seize the day! Take hold of your life, of yourself, of your dreams, of your year, and OWN THAT SH'T! It's yours for the taking. Seizing the day has less to do with the actual day than it has to do with your entire life. Seize what's already been named yours by God himself.. And whatever you do, don't let go! 


ps: I feel better already :) 


  1. Just think, you made a difference in 30 people's lives in some way and they will make a difference to 30 more. That's a blessing! Keep it up, Val :)


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