Very Determined Women - April's Top 5

Today's hashtag on the Valencia's Garden Hashtag Challenge is #Determination. I thought it was more than appropriate and very important that I celebrate 5 women whose determination has truly inspired me this month! Some of these women don't even know me.. and that's what makes them all so amazing! Touching lives of people whom they don't even know, just by being who they are! I love it. 

5. Carissa Harrison 
Occupation: Teacher and Blogger 
A fresh face in the Bloggerverse. Carissa bridges humor and candid honesty together to inspire women across the world. See for yourself by checking out her blog: TheTwentiesGal

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Occupation: Author 

One of my newest inspirations is the author of the best selling book Americanah. Through her novels, she educates the world on aspects of African culture that we have never seen before. Her writing is flawless. Seriously. 

3. Dijiah W.
Occupation: Middle School Student 
I don't want to include the last name of my student but whether you know her whole name or not, believe me, you will know who she is in the near future. This girl is brilliant, humble, and soft-spoken. Although when you listen to a writing piece that she has created, you would never guess that she is soft-spoken. Her words convey a depthful passion that I have never known in a teenager. She inspires me, everyday.

2. Dr. Melissa Harris Perry 
Occupation: Television host, Author, and Professor

In 2009, she became the youngest scholar to give the W.E.B. Du Bois lecture at Harvard. Dr. Perry has also taught at Princeton University and Chicago University. Beauty and brains at it's best! 

1. Dr. Brene Browne 
Occupation: Research Professor, Lecturer, and Author 

Currently, Dr. Brene Brown is my biggest inspiration. Her lectures are always so raw and honest. Her books and blog  inspire me to just be me, wholeheartedly. 

Thank you ladies. It is your work that inspires me to remain determined to reach my goals. See you at the top! 

Love love,