The King's Flower

Leave it to my BFF
to bring ginger tea on a trip! 
That's why she is the best.
I made some for Nikki and I..
And we both fell asleep under the stars 
of our villa. 
The next morning  
Had some dimsum for breakfast
Packed my bags 
And headed out with the girls 

We're headed to spend the night in the a couple of tree house bungalows in the jungle
It's about to get real out here!

But first
Monkey temple

Can you count how many monkeys are in the pic above? 
They were just chillin with us like squirrels 
One jumped into Carissa's hair 
She didn't even feel it 
Then onto a man's leg to get his Pringles 
Some lady gave them water 
straight from a Deer Park bottle 
One jumped on Nia to get her food 
She gave it to him
The baby crawled all over Shelly
Cutest thing everrrr
It was time for
Elephant trekking 

I journaled 
While we waited for our turn to ride the elephants 
We felt bad about the elephants looking so sad  
We wondered if they were sad or if they were okay with being rides for tourist 

The boys who led them seemed to have intimate relationships with them though 
That changed my mind
I figured the elephants had to be happy to be with their owners 
Just like pups and humans 

The ride was beautiful 
I rode on the neck of Balu
Loving the scene of the mountains with white tops
Bamboo trees 
And the biggest palm trees
I grabbed one while riding, just to touch the plant that always reminds me of the goodness of Jesus

She walked so gracefully 
I caressed her head as we rode
I think she liked me
She walked over to a big puddle of fresh water and began to splash the water all over her back 
It got all over my legs 
I enjoyed it .. 

Efflorescence: to reach an optimum stage of development; to blossom. 

It had to be beyond 100 degrees out there.. Not one cloud insight. 
Just the sun, 
pouring it's golden heat into our skin.. 
I was sweating in places that I didn't even know I could sweat in honey! 
Ironically enough, when we began riding the elephants back to the entrance of the rain forest, 
we heard the loudest thunder crashing from the sky.. 
Hard rain began to pour on us out of no where.. 
A mild monsoon.. 
We all embraced every single drop.. 
"I talked to God y'all." Shelly yelled from her elephant.. 
I knew exactly what she meant.. 
Because it was in that moment that I knew I was the King's flower, 
being watered by His very own hands. 
A true sign that I am in full bloom.

I was immediately inspired
To write 
To sing 
And to love 
Because I felt so loved

The boys handed us some banana leaves to cover our heads 
That helped to keep the water from my eyes but I was still getting soaked 
And I loved it

Riding an elephant 
In the jungle
In Asia 
In pouring rain
God's gift