Art is ...Everywhere You Are.

Can reading be considered creating enthusiasm? Clearly that's all I have been doing this past week, in addition to being super inspired by all of this week's posts, from this month's challenge!
I had to share them with my readers!
Without further ado,
 here is the lastest from the 
Create Enthusiasm Instagram-Challenge!
I love everything about this! It's classy yet edgy at the same time. 
The perfect  combination!
All hail the sneaker queen!
One of my followers actually sent this to me via direct message on Instagram! Love it!
I have to take a trip to the Bronx museum ASAP! Thanks Lucy!
And I really hope she continues to create enthusiasm, even after the challenge is complete! All of her posts this week have been radical and filled with such implicit symbolism! I have become such a fan! We have to meet one day!

I found a few new people to follow this week as well! Check out their pieces!

I need this! 
Here are my additions to the challenge:

I actually had time to go to Starbucks twice this week before work! Vanilla bean frapp with mocha on my whip! It's not traditional art but I just love the way the mocha looks on the whipped cream! 
Reorganized my closet! My closet is my art. No question. 
Ran around in my all time favorite Zara pumps!
And I ordered a new hang up for my house!
I can't complain folks, it's been a great month so far! Not to mention, Gemini season has begun!
Shout out to one of my followers, @NeteyB for posting this:

Haha I love it! 
And I love all of you,