Create Enthusiasm - May Challenge

"The essential thing in our period of weak morale is to create enthusiasm." - Picasso 

And so the Valencia's Garden 
May Challenge 
is born! 

We will take each day of this entire month the to 

But let me just pause for a quick second and give you a few disclaimers/rules: 

1. I will not be giving you a guide like I usually do each month... In order for you to #CreateEnthusiasm, you must be able to have complete creative control! There is no limit on art! Let your surroundings inspire you! 

For example:
Art (Paintings, drawings, street art, etc.)
.. The list goes on ..  I mean you literally have the freedom to find art in anything!

2. You do not have to post your pictures or videos every single day in order to participate in the challenge. This isn't about sharing with the world. This is about celebrating, recognizing, and curating different forms of art that give you LIFE during the month of May. Key word: YOU. This is for YOU and only YOU! 

3. If you do want to participate in the challenge, make sure you use the hashtag #CreateEnthusiasm NOT #ValenciasGarden. I will be reposting my favorites each day! So be sure to use the correct hashtag if you want me to see it! Remember, if your page is private, I cannot see it! You can always DM me though.. Whatever works!


I think that's all for now! I'm very excited about this and I hope you'll join me.. even if you're just supporting from the side ..simply because, "enthusiasm is what we need most, we and the younger generation." -Picasso

Love love,