Create Enthusiasm - Week 1 Recap

It's officially been one week since the Create Enthusiasm challenge began! 
I wanted to post my favorite pictures on the blog for my readers who aren't on instagram. I also wanted to show you some of my pictures that I captured this week but didn't post. 
By the way, I'm not going to be reposting your pics this week on Instagram. I have a huge project due for one of my grad classes, so I may not be as cyber-vocal this week as I usually am. This is also my last week with my 8th graders!!! They are graduating and I have lots of final essays to grade! Listen, I love y'all and I love blogging.. And I've even grown to love instagram after hating it for so long (all it took was for me to follow some really interesting people that I don't even know but are inspiring me with their amazing pics) but two things will always come first: My students/lesson planning/teaching and my graduate work. Hey, at least I'm telling you guys in advance!

I hope you can understand. If you really love me, you'll be here when I get back! 

Anyways, without further ado, here are my favorite Create Enthusiasm posts of the week:

Above: This one was my number 1 ... James Brown, painted with coffee! 

Below: I seriously love smiley faces. I agree, everything looks much better with a smile. 

Blooming ...

These were the few that I reposted on my instagram page: 

And these are the artful nick nacks that I saw around town:

I just thought these Daisy headphones were so cute! They can be purchased at Forever 21. 

I met a group of beautiful and talented young women who were at the NYC Bring Our Girls Back Rally. Their outfits exuded personality and creativity. 

Finally decided which camera I want!
Thanks to my friend Miles, a contributor for ! This is the canon rebel sl1. 

Here we are the Harlem Haberdashery Kentucky Derby event. 

Everything was peaceful on Riverside. 
Even the underground dragon was calm. 

The clouds always intrigue me... Here I am riding the bus back to Baltimore on the Deleware Memorial Bridge .. Gazing at God's amazing work. 

...and finally before I go.. I had to share this feedback that one of my followers, whom I follow back but I don't personally know, gave me about this challenge: 

So you see, you never know why God guides you to do something... But if something is on your heart, just do it. 

Love love, 


  1. I love how your spreading sunshine, not the fear and stuff others are trying. You do what you can to make everyone feel happy and inspired. So proud to have you as a role model!!! I'll be waiting for your return!!!


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