How Many Selfies are You Going to Take Before You Actually Believe that You're Beautiful?

Haven't seen my big boy all week! I'm trying to take a pic and here he comes running! 
I'm like, "No Tay! I can't pick you up.. I have on white ..."
He didn't  care ..
And he knew his mama couldn't resist... Notice how the sun is shining on him like Simba after I pick him up. Does that make me the King? eeek!
Once I could tell that he was happy and grateful for the attention and love...
... I gave him kissy faces, so I could get back to my pictures!
My homegirl took a few more pics for me, per my request.. This one wasn't right ...I wasn't ready!
I have no idea what I was laughing about here! Looking mighty silly, might I add. 
But I lovvvvveeeddd this one below!! Too bad it's blurry!
This is cool but ehh ..

Then, I was over it .. I decided I liked the one below most. Ironically, this was the FIRST picture that my homegirl took and it was candid!
So today's discoveries are
(or reminders rather): 

Number 1, Taylor is spoiled. 

Number 2, we get the best results when we aren't trying too hard to be perfect. I liked the first pic but I kept taking more because I wasn't satisfied. 

It may seem like just pictures ...but the notion of being good enough is all I am reminded of when I reflect on the process that it took for me to get my pictures "right".

In my opinion, taking a million pictures until you get the "perfect" one is really a deep, arcane, and rather obscure self-esteem issue. Now, before you hit me with rebuttables pertaining to retaking pictures because of bad lighting, stupid looking poses, or because you really think the picture could have been better, I want you to know that I understand and can identify with those circumstances. Make no mistake, I am not saying that every person that takes a lot of self-photos has low self-esteem or is lacking confidence ...I just feel like we as women typically don't realize that no picture should have to be perfect because there is already a perfected beauty in all of the things that make each one of us who we are. 

However, there is much more to this issue than just looking at ourselves and saying, "This ain't good enough.." or "yasss b____ yasss! this is gon' get a lot of likes".. It's really about learning to love what we see, no matter how the actual picture looks. ..because we are beautiful... 
simply beautiful. 
It's time we stop relying on outside validation to confirm that. 

Loving me ..and loving you ..always,