Personal Branding is Not about Being Popular

It's really all about: 

1. Following your heart; trusting your instincts and prior experiences. 

2. Not being afraid to be different or rejected because of your individuality. You must be original. 

3. Stepping outside of your comfort zone while staying true to yourelf. 

4. Having integrity, even when no one is looking. 

5. Self-reflecting on the successes and failures throughout your journey. 

6. Asking for support when you need it. 

7. Listening to all of the things that are around you. Whether positive or negative, all things can foster growth, new insight, and life-long lessons. 

8. Remaining humble after you succeed. 

9. Helping others who are inspired by you along the way. 

10. Being consistent and purposefully aligning every step you take and decision you make to your initial mission. Never forget why you started.