Sum it All Up with a Smile

Today was a good one... Went to Marshall's for a new flat iron. They didn't have the kind I wanted so I opted for some journals!! Not for meeeee.. For my friends! 
Got my nails the same color as my favorite Levi's .. So cool!
Target has super cute bikini tops! Only $14 !!! Run ladies! Get yours before they are gone! 
Thrift pick ups! The best time to thrift for the next season is the season before it. So clearly I can't wear these this summer, I got them for fall! I'm in love. 
Close up of the Wilson's motor jacket .. Honestly, I don't need another black leather but I couldn't pass this up! 
Stopped at the book store! This should be interesting! 
Found Sex in the City for only $3
I found MASE on vinyl!!!!! 
Played it as soon as I got home!
And Jimi Hendrix! This is my 3rd Hendrix record! My rock collection is growing!
By the way, I read a good short story this morning. It reminded me so much of my grandmother. I may post it if anyone wants to read it. 
Last but not least, I got my favorite ice cream in the entire world!!!!! Eeeek! Guess I owe Meekz and Vet a dollar! Thanks to everyone for participating on instagram. Carissa once said, "Val you're such a teacher, always trying to get people to have class participation outside of your classroom!" 
Hahaha she ain't never lie! 
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!



  1. Which thrift stores in baltimore are your favorite?

  2. I love the Value Village on Eastern Ave!!!! DuBois textiles is also my fav!!


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