The Hollins St. Emancipation Proclamation

I told my friends that I didn't want to facilitate a Valencia's Garden Instagram Challenge for May because I felt like I had outgrown them. Everyone that I spoke to about my sentiments basically told me that I had not been doing Challenges long enough for them to be discontinued and that I needed to proceed with cultivating them for consistency. So I finally came up with the Create Enthusiasm Challenge and I loved it ...but my heart wasn't into it. Some of my followers participated in it and I thought to myself, "Hey, it must have been placed on my heart to do it just for them.." But it wasn't for me. 

June is fastly approaching and I am beginning to feel the same exact same way that I felt in late April, I don't want to do an instagram-challenge next month. 

Contrary to what my friends believe, I truly have outgrown them. I meditated on it for a while, as I sat here under the sun on Hollins, and was able to come to a firm conclusion because I reflected on the reasons why I established the Challenge in the first place. 

Initially, the Challenge was created to help guide my daily posts and give my readers an outline of what to expect from me. At this point, I don't need a guide to help me post, I literally come up with new ideas to write about every hour! My heart speaks to me through my hands and I listen to it! 

I can proudly say the Challenges did not only serve their purpose on my behalf, they also inspired so many people to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them even in the midst of chaos, to write and talk to the Spirit about any and everything thing, to share their testimonies publically, and to find a life lesson in every situation. People no longer need me to give them an explicit guide to do this. That makes me proud. 

If I am going to do something, it's going to be done efficiently. I will never do anything just to say, "I'm doing it." I have too much integrity for that. If I keep forcing myself to do the Challenges, they will be become ineffective. There is no purpose nor value in doing something if it's not going to be done with a ginuine continuity.

I want to be free.. Following the Challenge keeps me chained and indebted to writing for a pre-planned theme. I can't be held captive any longer. I am so anxious to dig deep and liberate my writer's-voice. 

I am aware that the Challenge helps to sustain consistency for my readers but excuse my brash candidness when I say, I am not writing for the readers, I am writing for myself. This is my craft, manifested into a public avocation. It is not my career. There are no guidelines and I don't receive a paycheck. I do appreciate and acknowledge the people that enjoy my fervid discourse and for them, I regard my writing as a labor of love. 

And that's what my blog is made of: Honest-hearted reflections, sprinkled with occasional thrifting and outstanding student work. 

Although you won't be getting an Instagram Challenge in June, you can still expect a daily post that is filled with substance, veracity, and progression as I continue to journey. 

Thank you for being apart of my constant evolution and supporting me as I develop into the woman that the Universe has created me to be. 

Love always,