The Time

The rhythm of the swing is  

A loud cry but a smooth groove.

Simultaneous screeching harmonies of woodless wind flutes

Breathless whistling metals


Project parks stay empty

Chuck Taylor's dangle over

Shadows below 

Dark and distant

Lovers from A Distance

Im watching

The Parisian couple

As they lay with one another.

Their native tongue 

I don't quite comprehend 

but who needs words 

when you've got lips that form 

these irregular geometric shapes 

that are widely referred to 

as smiles?

Those earnest smiles that say:

Damn woman, I love you


You are my king 

I can't go a day 



I watched 



I waited 

Preparing myself for the day that my own would come through the fog 

Revealing what I knew was possible

As it appears

The clouds have parted and

I think the time has finally come

But even my own eyes don't believe 

Why should I?

I've seen too many mirages

Countless facades 

On a Thursday 

I had a nightmare

Living in a grimey lotus garden

Still yet, I was 


Leaping a hundred feet high 

from ivy green lily pads

to clastic sedimentary stones

Kissing every frog 

Slimey things 

Not one prince

Swamp of jokers

I was outside of my body 

Watching myself 


under a cypress tree

Middle of the Bayou

A voodoo doctor 

Asked me what was wrong 

Pulled my heart out

Passed it to a purple dragon who then 

Boxed, sealed, and buried it 

I couldn't move 

But I wasn't dead 

I was alive 

and my heart was still beating

as it sunk down into the depths 

of the black swan filled swamp

Then I grew weary because I couldn't reach it

It was lost. 

I couldn't swim. I couldn't save my self. 

Queen of the damned damsels 

I tested every man that came along:

Which one of you 

can dive deep enough 

to find my heart? 

Who can slay that old purple dragon? 

That beast 

has stolen the very piece of me 

that was made for you! 

It was suicidal 

The way each man jumped in

and went under 


Not one ever came back to the surface 

Friday morning

I woke up.

But the hole in my chest was

Still there.