To My Beautiful Beeeeeee

Walking down Bedford spitting sunflower seeds and vintage Kim, Biggie, or Foxx
Mase, Big L, and the Lox
"I'm feelin' it 
96 and foreva'
Rock a block roc-a- _______"
Hold that!
Holdin you tighhhhtttt!
If anyone ever asks 
about the original muse 
of my poetic blues
I'll give 'em a Ce finger-point 
Directly toward you 
My mista'
Original fashion killa'
with her green streak
purple lips 
yellow Marrants
or black Chanel's
My Bee been fly since 
Signature Coach skippies 
and sidekicks
Back in o-six
Those were the days
If June only knew 
It was you 
he was talking to
On Aim 
He would flip out
No doubt 
I could never quite figure out  
how to talk to boys
Tunnel vision was unheard of
My emotions were 
impossible to tame 
I learned to have foresight 
From listening 
to your wise insight 
And watching your moves 
Half professor 
Half poet laureate 
You taught me 
the unwritten rules
And told me you were proud 
When I came into my own
My big sister 
And my older brother 
One of our many innies
They called us weirdos 
before it became cool
Our stockings were ripped 
Jackets adorned in tapestry
Flew to Paris just for patches
Almost burnt our weaves 
with Egypt's Shi-sha ashes 
You threw up in Ibiza 
I thought I was cool
Til' I passed out in Camden 
While still holding that damn baguette 
Wifi code almost killed us in Amsterdam
But talking about Atlanta 
is still 
strickly forbidden!
Along with any discussions 
About my soggy white Guess shorts 
in South Beach
Speaking of
Remember the search for those Labrons?
 Sneaker heads 
way before Rihanna 
put these other girls on
Back when 
being mixxy was poppin
Sneaking in VIP 
'Cause we were under 21
We just wanted to dance 
And recite 
Our favorite songs
Take it back to 
You got me that job.. 
I got you that job.. 
One hand wash the other ..
we always been the type to weather 
the brutalist of storms.
Hot summer days 
In the middle of SOHO 
Zo made me cry 
You were right there 
to wipe my eyes
Stranded in Rome 
Dead broke 
and on our own
We made it baby 
to the young sh*t
to independence
to the absent fathers 
that made us strong 
enough to fight 
our greatest fears
We filled our selves with love 
And our glasses 
"to the top with Moët."
Mo'green 💚
Wu-tang foreva
You and your gold fangs 
Kelis said you did it better
Guess I felt like reminiscing today
Looking at our old ratchet pics 
And thinking about how effortless it's always been
for you
 to bring me joy 
from within
Like the cherry blossoms in DC
warm Hawaiian bread 
and anything free
4 words:
She ain't no divaaaaa
3 words: 
Iight foot locker 
2 words:
banana peel
1 word:
Now stop!
Look into my eyes!
No don't look into my eyes!!!
I know I got you laughing
But I'm serious 
I wish we had each other in high school 
but at 19 
God couldn't have chosen 
a better time
We were fake grown
You in your red Pradas 
Me in my sparkly cowboy boots
We ain't win that popularity contest
But everybody knew 
We were the truth 
And truth is 
I couldn't imagine where I'd be if 
I didn't have you.


  1. OMMMMGGGG! That was too illy! Got me walking and reading! You da ish! I love you every one of you lol


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