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Do + Not = Don't

Don't compete with anyone. Tend to your own garden and watch your seeds flourish. In other words, mind your own business and watch how much more prosperous you become. 
Don't expect anything from anyone. Expectations can lead to disappointments. Don't set yourself up. 
Don't blame others for what they can't control. Nobody can control your feelings. If you're unhappy, it's because of something you are dealing with. 
Don't be so hasty to argue with a person, even if you know you are right. If you give a person enough time and space, they will reflect on their own actions and realize their faults. It's better that way. 
Don't wait for anything to just come to you. Wishes only come true in fairy tails. If you want something, work for it.

Space Time & Friendship

(Reposted from Feb. 12, 2014)

Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing.  There is a time for silence.  A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny.  And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over. 
-Octavia Bulter 
*** Take five minutes to meditate on the quote above, written by multiple award winning Science Fiction author, Octavia Butler.
As I reflect, I think it's all about being selfless and realizing that sometimes your friends need you in different ways. Sometimes they need space --the space to spread their creative wings, the space to figure out the answers to their problems on their own, or the space to just be alone... 
On the other hand, sometimes those same friends need to spend time with you, want your opinions on things, and just need a word of comfort ...
--- all in all, no matter what they need in the moment, you should always be there to support when all is said and done. 
Sometimes we get angry at how a fr…

Secondhand Store Saturdays

Did some amazing thrifting today!!!  Check out my goodies! 
A vintage mirror!
A beautiful sun hat!
I didn't even know Hush Puppies made sandals! I'm in love !!!
A hat for next season. Fits perfectly!
2 pairs of vintage Steve Maddens.. Couldn't decide which color I loved most!  So 70s me!
A smiley face tie yaaaaay!
I swear, this broach was made FOR ME!!!!!  Hats, flowers, a teapot, money bag (which really just symbolizes prosperity- not as much in the monetary sense) and an old school phone!!!!!  Gahhhh!
And a new bike!!! Gotta get the seat raised ..the handle bar too!  But it's perfect!
Signing off,  The Thrift Queen ❤️
PS:  Can you believe I only spent a total of $58.00 on all of the above!  Yes, including the bike! 

Painting and Poetry in the Park July 19 NYC

CALLING ALL #Poets #StoryTellers and #Artists !!! We're gearing up for our 2nd Annual *Painting and Poetry in the Park* Nothing but good vibes and grown folks! If you know anyone who may be interested in being a guest performer or creating the visuals for our mural, tag them below or email me !!

The Black Hampton's

"The Inkwell is for blacks who made it..."

Birthday Kisses

It was 11:59 PM.. The countdown began. When the clock hit 12, I made a wish, blew out a pink and white striped candle, and screamed, "It's my birthday!!!" as we threw back the last of the White Hennessy that I had from my trip to St. Thomas back in 2012. Normally, I don't drink ..but for my birthday celebration, I made an exception. 
After a night of sitting in my window, in complete awe of the most terrifyingly-beautiful lightening ever, Taylor jumped his little 6 pound body on my chest and kissed me all over my face. It was almost as if he was saying, "Goodmorning Mama! Happy Birthday!" His paws tickled my stomach, making me laugh as the sun rose, gleaming through my window. It was a symbolic cliche of my life thus far, "After a storm, the sun will always shine."

I made a pot of tea before I stepped onto my balcony and softly spoke to the sky. "Good morning Lord. Thank you for letting me see another birthday. Thank you for the rain last night…

The Beginning II

"The description of the mussels in linguine looks really good. I'll have that please." 
"Sure. I'll be right back with your water." 
"Okay..." I started scrambling through my favorite red Marc Jacobs purse... "I'll be right back.. I think I left my phone in my car." 
I walked all the way to my car, only to discover that my phone wasn't there. "Damn.. I must've left it in the store." 
In a haste, I headed over to the corner of 36th and Falls Road, where the old church that houses The Hunting Ground is located. That morning, I decided to treat myself to some much deserved vintage retail-therapy. But I couldn't believe that I left my phone. I prayed that no one picked it up in the short time that I was gone. 
"Hey ladies! Did I leave my cell here?" 
"Yes V.. We have your phone. I'm so glad you came back!" 
"Thanks Jen! I'm glad you guys are honest people!" 
"Of course. No problem. …