Secondhand Store Saturdays

Did some amazing thrifting today!!! 
Check out my goodies! 

A vintage mirror!

A beautiful sun hat!

I didn't even know Hush Puppies made sandals! I'm in love !!!

A hat for next season. Fits perfectly!

2 pairs of vintage Steve Maddens.. Couldn't decide which color I loved most! 
So 70s me!

A smiley face tie yaaaaay!

I swear, this broach was made FOR ME!!!!! 
Hats, flowers, a teapot, money bag (which really just symbolizes prosperity- not as much in the monetary sense) and an old school phone!!!!! 

And a new bike!!! Gotta get the seat raised ..the handle bar too! 
But it's perfect!

Signing off, 
The Thrift Queen ❤️

Can you believe I only spent a total of $58.00 on all of the above! 
Yes, including the bike!