Salt factory 
White pizza with shrimp 
Red painted restaurants 
Soundtrack of cicadas
Atlantic station
Target window view fail
Wells Fargo 
85 North Greenville 
Flying biscuits 
Southern Scramble 
Apple butter 
5 points 
Rag o Rama 
Weird cat box
No forever 21 dresses 
Graffiti graffiti graffiti 
No henna
Fcuk Magdalena 
White jeans looked cute on Harrison
Navaho bomber jacket 
Indian tears 
Mimi's porno 
Hot in the attic
Wrote a to do list 
2 blog posts
5 am listening to the birds 
Magenta bushes 
Super moon was still high 
Sky the same color blue as my nails 
Wild cub thunder clatter
Waffle House 
Cage the Elephant 
Tell me something new 
Take it or leave it 
There's no but 
It just is
No more apologizing