Day Six

I don't want to quarrel 
Let's walk down Riverside and count the lights that illuminate the bridge 
I saw these red roses on the day we had our first date 
Our first kiss
I couldn't wait to show you
6 days later 
We have our first argument 
So frustrating
I needed a nap
When I woke up 
The first person 
I thought about 
was you 
I questioned myself 
Like am I wrong for that
Am I wrong 
for loving you so soon 
The answer is no
Because I believe you 
when you say 
you want this
I mean other guys have said the same thing before but they are not you 
And I know you said you've been hurt before but I am not those women either
Tomorrow is day seven
And we had our first argument during the first week 
Which shows that this ain't no honeymoon
It's going to take work 
But you were the first person I thought of when I opened my eyes 
You're worth the work 
Our potential is worth fighting for