Just Listen

It's so quiet here.
Oranges and coconuts
Hung over the trail that led to the sand 
My heart danced to the humming of the crickets 
They cry out in a different cadence than the crickets in Savannah. 
The taps of the rain hit my finger and I taste the tears of each cloud

A story 
Covered in red and yellow water colors
Meshed with blues 
Peace filled jars that smell like fresh peaches 
Peppercorn over greens 

I drew the butterflies that I saw while I was laying in the pool
They were yellow and black
They started out together
Went up real high 
And separated 
Two different ways 
I admired their independence 
They weren't afraid to go off on their own

And closing my eyes to see 
the rhythm of the crickets in the night

I have not loved yet 
And tomorrow I will


Will I stand by the ocean and watch the manatees with my lover

I will ask

But I already know the answer. 

In that golden ball of light
I laid for three hours
And a dragon fly landed on my shoulder

The ship is coming in
Tomorrow I will meet my captain
We'll sail off into that golden ball of light

No words 
And yet 
I will be listening