Listening to Lauryn Hill while Water Coloring

Just sharing some of the Lauryn Hill quotes that have resonated deeply with me over the past couple of days... 
It could all be so simple. 

The conquering lion shall break every chain. 

I was lost but now I'm found, I just want you around. 

Nothing is for certain, you thought I'd stay here hurting, your guilt trip is just not working. 

I know it's possible to finally be in love. 

You love me despite of myself. 

The sweetest thing I've ever know is like the kiss on a collar bone. 

If I have to die, oh Lord, that's how I choose to live. 

How sad that all things come to an end but then again, I'm not alone.

Excuse me if I get too deep. 

Miscommunication leads to complication. 

Everything you did has already been done. 

No more compromises, I see through disguises. 

Until you do right, all you do will go wrong. 

When it hurts so bad, why does it feel so good?