Mason Jars

I just want you to come over 
I hate going out
I'd rather throw on one of your white tees and spend our 
Summer nights under the ceiling fan
On my couch we lay 
I'm breaking the crab legs 
You're preparing the trippy kit 
Watching the second episode of "First"
Laughing at this cutecorny sh't 
We love it though. 

Our diverse taste separates us 
For example, I drink white grape while you drink jack. 
But we come back
when our senses are tickled ..
In that video we made 
I could tell that we both close our eyes when we kiss
Little things like that 
I notice.
I'm not afraid of my vulnerability around you because
You show me you love me by just being 
You broke the vase and replaced it with the bottle of coke I drank out of on our first date 
Cruising in our 67-seater carriage around the Stuy
Like it's just us

Because it'
Against our pasts
We defeat our fears with one word 
Over feelings.. Faith over feelings because even when it feels like we are about to end we fight our own feelings.

Maybe even
Equally yoked. 
Abandoned by our own mothers
So we're always the first to run when it gets too good or too tough
Still afraid to trust.
Been burned by lust.
Mistook sex for love so now I can't even open up.
Gotta grow up.
You got issues
I got anthologies
We got each other. 

No matter what we got each other and that's not up for debate.
This is Etta James' love past Saturday night.
And after our long day of bargaining at the flea 
We snuggle up under one another 
I break the crab legs
I watch you eat.