Two years 
Three months 
21 days 
His father died 
On this day 
My spirit cried 
We prayed 
For forgiveness 
To no avail 

I am 
I am 
I am 

I can't write 

Walked to the water 
Sitting on wooden benches
Cars go by on the West Side
Scooters scratch the pavement
Merengue blares from the speakers 
White people roller blading 
The smell of purple haze 
Mixed with charcoal 

I don't feel the same
I heard the birds chirping
But I didn't smile 

I am afraid
I was so sure

But it's my fault
I broke my own rule

I'm not perfect but I know better

Stop worrying
Self pity don't change or solve a thing 
Everything happens for a reason 
And everything will be ok