Think back.. Do you remember that "first day of school" feeling? Picking out your outfit like a week before school even started.. Checking the weather everyday to make sure it wasn't going to rain.. Matching your belt with your new kicks? Nostalgia at it's best... But personally, what I also remember is... the kids that didn't have new clothes and sneakers. I can recall the lies they would come up with about how they had the Jordan's at home or how they were waiting to get fresh after the first week of school. But the truth was, their parents couldn't afford to get new things for them. No matter what "hood" you're from .. Baltimore, The Bay, or Brooklyn.. Not having new things for the first day of school is embarrassing. I know material things shouldn't matter but we all know that when you're young, what you're wearing means everything. That's just the nature of our culture. Now, try not to read this and begin debating whether that's right or wrong.. I know that as a people, our propensity to look down on others who can't quite "keep up with the Jones'" is a serious problem in itself but I'm imploring you to be honest about the fact that not having everything that you want, in comparison to your teenaged peers, can be a major distraction. I'm not only speaking from my experiences as an adolescent, I'm also speaking about what I see among my middle schoolers today. When you witness 13 year old boys getting arrested for selling drugs just to get enough money for a pair of "dopes" aka foam-posits, you know it's real. I mean, this issue goes beyond self-esteem. It's about poverty.. It's about financial priorities.. And most importantly, it's about parents or the lack there of - being able to provide for their children. We can't dismiss these issues. We have to do our part. This sneaker drive was created specifically for the children of @Door_NYC's Runaway & Homeless program. Help us help them by coming out to DL on Weds. Aug 27th @ 6 PM... RSVP today!