I Am Light

I am the gold of the Motherland 
I am Yaa Asantewaa, queen of the Ashanti Empire 
I am the blood diamonds of Sierra Leone  
I am the oil of Iraq 
I am the Ottoman Dynasty at the height of it's reign
I am the hanging gardens of Babylon
I am the untold story of O'Sirus and Isis' first born daughter
I am the muse behind Ellington's Cotton Tail
I am Coltraine's favorite things 
I am Stony, Lisa Bonet, Whitley Gilbert, Lisa Turtle, and Hillary Banks
I am both the Lady and the Tramp
I am LL's Around the Way Girl
I am Illmatic
I am Rakim's master plan 
I am the heat of the desert between Moses exile and return
I am the glow in Billie's Them Their Eyes
I am the baton of Count Basie 
I am the Nina Simone's breeze drifting on by .....you know how I feel
I am Daybreak in Baltimore 
I am Tupac's concrete rose 
I am Krishna and Saraswati 
in the denotative sense 
I am the legend of Cincinnatus 
I am a former slave who became a champion gladiator after defeating in the Roman Collesium 
I am Maze's Joy and Pain
I am Al Green's Love and Happiness
I am Shakespear's summer day 
I am Aristole, teacher of Alexander the Great 
I am Homer's Illiad and Odyssey 
I am David defeating the Golithis in my world
I am Hatshepsut and Cleopatra
I am Athena and some days Aphrodite
Daughter of Zeus, Muhammad, Abraham, Buddha, and Christ 
I am the unwritten philosophies of Confucius
I am the Nile, giver of life 
I am Earth's ubiquitous beauty 
I am every color God ever thought of
I am the greatest love 
I am light.