Love Made Visible

hi bae,
imiss you... my phone died this morning before 1st period even began. i left my charger home...

i left school a little after 6 this evening.. i wanted to finish all of my work before the weekend was over so that i could just take care of Blossoms and PYNK paperwork. When i left, i went to Shannell's new apartment in the city. it's beautiful here ...and the views truly remind me of you.. i wish you were here.. you would murder these lights... you're so good capturing light. ...guess thats how you got mine in the palm of your hands.

youre so awesome.. and im ya' lil' boo! ayeeee! (your voice)

anyways, Shannell doesnt have an iPhone so i couldnt even charge my phone.

i tried to text you from her ichat on her laptop but it wouldnt let me. (ps: be proud! i memorized your number.. it's a good thing you challenged me to memorize your number last week..)

but yea.. that messenger mustve been outdated because it wouldnt go through. so then, im like duhhhh!! just email the man, Val!! 


"Doesn't it feel good to have someone to answer to?" Shannell asked me..

"Girl! YASSSS!" I slapped her a high five and did a little silly dance as I continued to type.


It really does feel good though. I told you last night: It feels good to have someone to genuinely miss. Naturally, your response was, "Well, I hate missing you.. I cant stand not seeing you. I need you here." Which made me feel so loved.You make me feel like the most special girl in the world. I guess thats the beauty of dating of a bonafide photographer, they really know how to bring out the best in you...

i love you. everyday you tell me that and i want you to know that not only do i hear it, ifeel it. 

i was thinking about my day and ireally got excited and wanted to tell you about every detail... the kids killed their performances in my class today.. they didn't just read their stories to the class, they left us feeling their passion through each word... its crazy because you know how ive been stressing all week about their low reading level data that Gena showed us.. i've been beating myself up during these last two weeks of school.. i felt like i haven't worked hard enough.. like i owed them so much more than what i have already given them over the last few years of being their Literacy teacher.. but today, i realized that they have grown so much!! that data doesn't capture the essence of my practice or of their learning abilities! their writing skills and public speaking confidence has tremendously increased!! it was apparent from reading their reflection journals they felt successful today. i was soooo proud of them! Diamond's story even brought me to tears. but still, i can't and i won't ignore the reading data. i really have to start breeding stronger readers! After all, the more you read, the better you write. they are so hungry bae.. i owe it to them to fill their mental plates until they can't eat anymore! it's going to be a challenging school year for them and for me as well.. i cant wait until you move down here.. so you and i both can begin impacting these children's lives together. we both whole-heartedly relate to them because of our childhoods... we really are the "child who survived". people just dont know how much we have already endured and persevered through. 

funny.. I'm reflecting on my current state of bliss and i have to admit, im really glad the Universe turned off my phone for the day. I got so much work done.. emailed Carissa the documents that we will need for tomorrow so she could feel prepared before hand.. Emailed Anna from the University.. and planned my lessons for the next few weeks.. I felt so productive in my solitude and digital silence. I really needed this me time.... 

Q.O.D.: What is the greatest life lesson you've ever learned?

My Answer: ..the greatest lesson i've ever learned is: when you listen to your intuition, you can never go wrong. you reminded me of this by saying something similar to it last night.. and today i reflected on your words and realized that when our minds tells us to do something, its like a warning.. and if you ignore that proactive mental note that the Universe places in your spirit to try to proctect you, you'll be sorry. So listen to that inner voice! that's your intuition! and we both know, greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world..

we're going to an ethiopean restaurant.. then, im going to head home.. i'll call you as soon as i get in!

love you,
your Queen 

(sorry for typos...too tired to proof read)



It was great to finally see a response from you. I've been calling you and texting you all day. Well, I texted you two or three times and called three. I didn't see a point in blowing your phone up although I contemplated it. I've had a lot of time to think myself today since we haven't really spoken. I started writing in my book today and read earlier this morning, which I normally do anyway. It felt great! I'm glad you motivated me to really start putting my thoughts and stories into the pad. I know I will thank you until the end of time for this. Great works are in store for this little brown journal. 

Anyway it feels weird not talking to you all day. It's like a gift and a curse (I'll explain later).

To answer your question though (which was really on point) I'd have to say, learning the power of the law of attraction has been the greatest lesson of my life. It is surreal but very existent and effective. Knowing that I have accomplished more than I originally thought I could. Knowing that it works to say you want something, focus on it, go after it, and get it is the reason I have no doubt that everything I aspire to do and be will come to life. I promise that to you and to myself. So many aspects of my life are direct results of my dreams and thoughts that came to fruition and bloomed the way I wanted them to, although it wasn't always transparent that things would come together. I know you would simply call that, faith.

I'm getting sleepy writing this but call me as soon as you can. Need to hear your voice. I love you Valencia! 




  1. ...And you don't write love stories...It's nice though. We see you. But you still get a 2 on grammar :P


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