Sunday Jewels

His soft lips pressed against mine one last time as he headed up the steps to sit on the top floor of the double-decker Megabus. It was about 6:45 and the sun was rising, reflecting on the clouds to create shades of pinks and purples that made me smile, even though my heart was sullen. 

We usually spend our Sunday's exploring, laughing, and loving but today, he had to get back to Manhattan. He has a big photo shoot at noon in the city, yet, he still found a way to send me the most beautiful pink and yellow sunflowers this morning. Starting my week off with flowers and gifts from him has become a Sunday ritual. And the surprise never gets old because he always catches me off guard with the way he presents them. It's so thoughtful that I just had to ask, 

"Bae, why do you get me flowers every Sunday?"

"Because when we first started dating, you once mentioned how you buy yourself Sunday flowers every week. You have a man now. You don't have to buy your own flowers. That's my job. I got you."