Know Thyself ...and Never Apologize for It

During my first trip back home to DR, I learned that I am truly of African descent on both sides, my black side and Dominican side. It was in the art museums that I learned that Dominicans are African, Spanish, and indigenous-carribean folk, all rolled in 1. 

I wonder if I have multi-mood swings on a daily basis because I have so many sides. 


Sitting here in Charles Village with Shannell and Williams talking about everything from relationships to race... Janet Mok's book about her trasition ..

I feel like I'm also in a transition from selfish to selflessness. I just want to be a better me. It takes so much work. Not going to lie.

My mother didn't have to be a good mother
She just should've been a good human 

Williams just said that about her relationship with her beautiful baby girl, Z.. Made me think of my own mother.

Drained and exhausted from the 5 day camping trip that I just completed with my students. 5 days, 24/7 being with a person -- let alone a group of people -- is an introverts nightmare! I was so moody and annoyed this week because I wasn't able to get my daily dose of alone time. I'm addicted to solitude and reflection. I own it [my addiction] and I don't consider it a problem. I just have to learn how to balance it, when it comes to being considerate for other people. 

It's such a challenge because I'm so in love with my solitude and reflection, that when I don't get it, I suffer from withdrawals: cold sweats and shakes that are translated in the form of snarky remarks. Very, very childish. 

Seriously though, when we finally had alone time to individually reflect, I was much calmer and happier. 

I was content, completely joyful, when I was able to be free in my own thoughts.

Know thyself.