Verbal Communication: Love Is...

"Love is when you sacrifice for someone else. It's a different type of love when you don't put yourself first.

And I know you're not totally there yet, but you will be. You're growing." KD casually said. 

"Wow. That's exactly what I was thinking about myself as you were talking. Im still not used to displaying actions that people who love each other should show. It just doesn't come as natural to me as it does for you. It's crazy to me that you recognize this about me and still love me, with no fear that I will never be able to show you as much love as you show me. You have total faith that my love is going to blossom because I, as a woman, am going to grow as well. You even acknowledge the small amount of growth that I have already shown. That means a lot to be so understood. You really get me. Guess that's why you've got me." I replied. 

"I love you too." He smiled.

4:24 AM