Her Side of Sunday

Starting from Friday night, cleaning cooking and buttering the pan to make the chicken .. Planned on taking the day to get extra beautiful for our 2nd month anniversary.

Cooked my ass off and packed all the food to surprise him when I got to New York so he wouldn't have to pay for dinner tonight. Saving is hard when you have a girlfriend. Even if she doesn't ask for much, guys always want to please and it could feel like a lot of pressure on their pockets. 


After dinner. Just had the worse argument everrrr... But what's new? We fight and love all day, even with him being so far away. Sounds crazy but every argument helps us to remain close. In some sick way, us showing little bouts of insecurity and vulnerability to each other is attractive... I guess it allows us to feel safe enough to trust each other. It's beautiful.. Not even to sound cliche. 

The Dream is playing .. Reminds me of college days with Carissa. I remember riding uptown in the winters at 4 am, coming from some club that Da Cyph got us in, for free. We never paid for anything.. Good times.. 

To be continued ...