My current schedule is nonstop ... I literally maximize every minute in my day to work on lessons, blossoms, pynkz, post graduate work, research fellowship work, etc.. etc.. Even during lunch I'm knocking something off of my to-do list. I rarely get home before 10 PM and when I do, I'm doing more work... My dog doesn't know me anymore .. I still need to unpack and put things away in my new place ... And my hair has been in two messy braids for a few days now.. But the crazy thing is that I am not even tired. I'm not burnt out. I'm not complaining. What I am - is called: HUNGRY.. I'm on the grind. And my only fuel is seeing the bigger picture. Knowing that everything I do now, will pay off later. Knowing that my children's children's children will still eat off of the seeds that I am planting now. That's my motivation. I'm ready for tomorrow. Another day, another opportunity to get things