Sometimes I feel so weird 
And misunderstood 
I wish 
I wish I could have a constant 
peace of mind 

I meditate. 
I pray.
I cry. 
I write. 
I feel.

I listen to the voice within. 

And nothing changes
Theres no escaping this 
frustrating antitheses 

I still harbor so much pain 
And doubt 
And fear 

But the crazy thing is...
I always 
push though it
I fight myself 
And I find at least one thing 
Each day. . .
To make me smile 
To be grateful for 
And to love 

You see,
What I realize is:
With joy, 
Comes pain. 
Its impossible for the flowers 
to flourish 
without the rain 

Cliche cliche
That last stanza 
is one of the most over used 
and unoriginal lines ever 
Still yet
that doesn't change its 
undeniable validity


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