Dear Chicago...

....when I finally made my way over to the corner of the studio that his photographs adorned, my feet completely froze. I couldn't move. I was stunned as I looked up and saw a portrait that he captured of me while we were at the top of Stone Mountain. 
The caption read: 
"The Queen #thisisromance" 


After about an hour of taking pictures and sharing laughs with his guests, I excused myself and told him I would be right back. I carefully walked up the swirly metal staircase and headed straight for the black leather stools. To be honest, my feet were killing me in those black patent-leather Louboutins. I needed to rest for a few minutes. 

I sat down and pulled my shoes half-way off, just barely letting my heels hang out of the pump. The DJ was spinning Common and Nas's "Ghetto Dreams". "We got our own handshake.. Pretty with her eyes low.. Lookin' all tribal.. Hear BeyoncĂ© song and she gotta sing along.." I bopped my head as I sang along with Common. It was in that very moment that I felt like the Chi was my second home. Hearing Nas in Common's hood. That was so symbolic of what's to come in our future. Seriously, I felt like it was written. 

When the song was over, D'Angelou's "Brown Sugar" began to play. All I could do was pull out my iphone and text my own brown-suga-bae....

I love how we have our own hashtag. It really makes me smile. Being able to watch your dreams come to fruition amongst of all of your loved ones was such a blessing tonight. I'm so proud to be your lady... ❤️ be continued....