Dear Reader, You Are Not Alone

sometimes people seem really happy on the outside but they are very hurt and depressed inside. truth is: most of us are so busy wallowing and worry about our own funk that we don't even notice anyone else not being their usual selves. take this day to check on your loved ones ... even if just to say, 

"hi, you're not alone. you are loved by many. you have so many things to be proud of. dwell on your light and have faith that your darkness will not last much longer. this is just a part of your journey. you will stand strong again. you are not broken you are simply in a stage of shedding things or people from your life that you no longer need. do not confuse readjusting with being broken. believe in the promise of your struggle.. believe that it's only going to prepare you for the rewards that lie ahead of you. nothing worth having comes easy, the harder the fight, the greater the victory!"

We all go through tough times. And eventually,  we get through them.. But it's much easier on the soul when you know you are not alone. 

Love always,