Halloween Hurts

As day turned to night, as the sun fell across the lonely streets of the deserted town, and teenager’s whoops grew louder, there was a man. Or a basic shape of a man. He seemed to be wearing a cloak. When I first saw him I thought of the great detail put into the costume he was wearing. Or was it a costume? “Sir, thatis such great outfit… You been scaring some kids?” I laughed awkwardly, but he didn’t respond. “Alright, I’ll bite, what are you?” I said curiously. Then he began to change, his broad shoulders began to hunch over, his hips got wider and his chest ripped through his cloak. “Dude what the..." He cut me off with a huge hiss. But it didn’t come from his mouth then I realized he had a tail-no a snake on his behind! That is when I ran. I dipped through back yards, scurried through houses long since abandoned, and my every move scared me to death. Every creek in the stairs took the life out of my soul. Then I stopped. What was I doing?! I couldn’t move my legs, my arms were frozen at my sides. This was not a man in a great costume. This was evil, this was magic. He lumbered into the room, the musty furniture blowing dust off into the air I felt that I couldn’breath. He was back in man form, but now the 100 year old chandelier revealed the tiniest bit of light, and I could see his face, if you could call it that. It was burnt almost, rubbery at best. His nose seemed to extend an extra 4 inches like a snout, and his neck was covered in hair. He chuckled, showing his fanglike teeth. If I could have, I would have gasped or screamed in terror, my eighth grade frame would have shivered in ultimate anxiety. The dread I was feeling was chilling. Then he lounged, at that moment, the binding I had felt in all my body was gone, my legs able to move, but this time it was me who was preventing movement, my extreme terror and huge adrenaline rush freezing my body. But my mind ran wild. He came down, his mouth opened wide, my life flashing before my eyes, and- I woke. Sweat covered my body, the sheets at the bottom of my bunk bed. I was breathing heavily, but I managed to get one sentence out. “Man, I hate Halloween!”

Warner B


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