Holy Hats!

Bae stole one of my favorite hats and it looks better on him than it does on me! I guess it should since I snagged it from the men's sections of Value Village on York Road in Baltimore. 

But anyways, after 4 hours of reading and writing this morning, I decided to scroll through my instagram feed and I noticed how amazing my friends have been looking in their hats too! I stole their pictures for this post. I'm sure my readers will appreciate a little inspiration for their own crowns! 

Rocking a vintage mustard pill-box hat from the 1950s! We found this gem at the Eastern Market in DC, an outdoors flea market for just about anything from furniture to fresh flowers. 

It's the simple touch of this Homburg hat that brings this entire denim fit together. Love this look because it quick, easy, and affordable. 

What better way to rock your big hair than with a bigger hat? The rich wine color of this cowboy hat meshes perfectly with the low blues of her fur vest. 
Well done lady!

This emerald green rider is a classic. What I like most about it is that it can be dressed up or dressed down. A definite must have for this season. 

Where would we be without the classic black porkpie? You'll find that these are trendy right now but will never go out of style!

Everyone needs a few snap-backs for the days that you just want to chill and be free. May I just say how much I love the mix of greens and golds in this look!

This crown is fit for a queen and your majesty is serving us life! 

Of course I had to add a little flare to the post with this middle-eastern wrap and golden jewels. 
I love love love it!

Now, make no mistake, I'm no fashion blogger but from the furs to turbans, I absolutely live for them all! Next to rings, hats are my favorite accessory! And guess what?! Today I'm heading to my girl Tiki's tea party! I can't wait to see the hats that everyone will have on when I get there!