practicing kindness, with people who are phony

My biggest challenge is practicing kindness, with people who are phony as sh't. I just want to tell them how I really feel but instead, I know it's better to smile it off. No one is worth the emotions that come with taking me out of character. I will not let anyone get the best of me. 

I make it sound so simple to do this whole "practicing kindness" thing. Well, it's not. Which is why I have put strategic tools in my everyday practices to help me with sticking to this. 

The first is, I never address an issue as soon as it happens. I take my time and think about how I want to respond. No one said you have to jump at something or someone as soon as something happens. Take your time, process the process. 

The second thing I do, is reflect on what I may have done to add to the issue. I mean because nine times our of ten, things didn't just happen on their own. I'm sure I added to whatever the problem is, whether my role in it all was big or small - I have to own my mistakes, like a real woman should. 

Finally, I pray about the situation. Sometimes it's not even a long, drawn out thanksgiving prayer. I simply say to the Universe, "Free my mind of all contempt. Humble me enough to see the error of my ways. Shine your Light through me, so that I may help others to see my heart."