Subtle the Sun

12:45 am heaven. 

I don't like the things they say about me behind my back... but that's life. when you're doing well, people will always be watching and talking. sad to say but most don't say things from a place of love and kindness, most want to see you fail. Especially when you are attempting to master something that they don't have the confidence to try.

no matter who you are, when you're living in your purpose, whether in the public eye or behind closed doors.. you'll always be scrutinized. 

find the beauty within that and take it as a compliment. 

it's crazy because here I was, thinking no one pays me any mind.. had no idea that I was so important .. important enough to be the topic of people's discussions, when I'm not around. 

But I was raised on tough love. Ironically, hate does nothing but gas me.. I'll be honest. At first it hurts me. Makes me feel lonely, misunderstood. But after I reflect on the ordeal, it humbles me. Lights a fire within me to make me be a better version of me. And then it makes me stronger, essentially fueling me to get exactly where the Universe wants me to be. 

I wonder how many people can relate to this...?